毕业的医学院一定要在“ 世界医学院目录”(IMED)中,并且符合ECFMG的其他资格标准才能报考美国医生执业资格证

    • Country NameMedical School NameCity Name

      ChinaAcademy of Military Medical Sciences Faculty of MedicineBeijing

      ChinaAir Force Medical UniversityXi'an

      ChinaAnhui Medical University Faculty of MedicineHefei

      ChinaAnhui University of Chinese MedicineHefei

      ChinaAnhui University of Science and Technology College of MedicineHuainan

      ChinaArmy Medical UniversityChongqing

      ChinaBaotou Medical CollegeBaotou

      ChinaBeihua University Faculty of MedicineJilin

      ChinaBeijing College of Acupuncture and OrthopedicsBeijing

      ChinaBeijing Medical College Branch CampusBeijing

      ChinaBeijing School of MedicineBeijing

      ChinaBeijing Second Medical College, First BranchBeijing

      ChinaBeijing University of Chinese MedicineBeijing

      ChinaBengbu Medical CollegeBengbu

      ChinaBinzhou Medical CollegeBinzhou

      ChinaCapital Medical UniversityBeijing

      ChinaChangchun University of Traditional Chinese MedicineChangchun

      ChinaChangsha Medical UniversityChangsha

    • Country NameMedical School NameCity Name

      ChinaChangzhi Medical CollegeChangzhi

      ChinaChengde Medical UniversityChengde

      ChinaChengdu Institute of Physical EducationChengdu

      ChinaChengdu Medical CollegeChengdu

      ChinaChengdu University of Traditional Chinese MedicineChengdu

      ChinaYoujiang Medical College for NationalitiesBaise

      ChinaChifeng University Medical CollegeChifeng

      ChinaChina Academy of Chinese Medical SciencesBeijing

      ChinaChina Medical UniversityShenyang

      ChinaChongqing Medical UniversityChongqing

      ChinaClinical Medical College of Tianjin Medical UniversityTianjin

      ChinaDali University School of MedicineDali

      ChinaDalian Medical UniversityDalian

      ChinaFirst Medical College of the NavyQingdao

      ChinaFujian College of Traditional Chinese MedicineFuzhou

      ChinaFujian Medical UniversityFuzhou

      ChinaGannan Medical UniversityGanzhou

      ChinaGansu College of Traditional Chinese MedicineLanzhou

    • Country NameMedical School NameCity Name

      ChinaGuangdong Medical UniversityZhanjiang

      ChinaGuangdong Pharmaceutical UniversityGuangzhou

      ChinaGuangdong Provincial Cardiovascular InstituteGuangzhou

      ChinaGuangxi Medical UniversityNanning

      ChinaGuangxi University of Chinese MedicineNanning

      ChinaGuangzhou Medical UniversityGuangzhou

      ChinaGuangzhou University of Chinese MedicineGuangzhou

      ChinaGuilin Medical UniversityGuilin

      ChinaGuiyang College of Traditional Chinese MedicineGuiyang

      ChinaGuizhou Medical UniversityGuiyang

      ChinaHainan Medical UniversityHaikou

      ChinaHangzhou Medical CollegeHangzhou

      ChinaHangzhou School of Medicine, Hangzhou Normal UniversityHangzhou

      ChinaHarbin Medical UniversityHarbin

      ChinaHe University School of Clinical MedicineShenyang

      ChinaHebei College of Traditional Chinese MedicineShijiazhuang

      ChinaHebei Medical UniversityShijiazhuang

      ChinaHebei North University Faculty of MedicineZhangjiakou

    • Country NameMedical School NameCity Name

      ChinaHebei University Medical CollegeBaoding

      ChinaHebei University of Engineering School of MedicineHandan

      ChinaHeilongjiang University of Chinese MedicineHarbin

      ChinaHenan Medical UniversityZhengzhou

      ChinaHenan University of Traditional Chinese MedicineZhengzhou

      ChinaHengyang Medical CollegeHengyang

      ChinaHeze Medical CollegeHeze

      ChinaHuanghe Science and Technology CollegeZhengzhou

      ChinaHubei Medical UniversityWuhan

      ChinaHubei Polytechnic University School of MedicineHuangshi

      ChinaHubei University for Nationalities Medical SchoolEnshi

      ChinaHubei University of Arts and Science Medical CollegeXiangyang

      ChinaHubei University of Chinese Medicine Faculty of MedicineWuhan

      ChinaHubei University of MedicineShiyan

      ChinaHubei University of Science and Technology Faculty of MedicineXianning

      ChinaHunan Medical UniversityChangsha

      ChinaHunan Normal University College of MedicineChangsha

      ChinaHunan University of Chinese MedicineChangsha

    • Country NameMedical School NameCity Name

      ChinaInner Mongolia Medical UniversityHohhot

      ChinaInner Mongolia University for the NationalitiesTong-Liao

      ChinaJiamusi University School of MedicineJiamusi

      ChinaJianghan University School of MedicineWuhan

      ChinaJiangnan University Wuxi Medical CollegeWuxi

      ChinaJiangsu University School of MedicineZhenjiang

      ChinaJiangxi Medical CollegeNanchang

      ChinaJiangxi University of Traditional Chinese MedicineNanchang

      ChinaJiaxing University College of MedicineJiaxing

      ChinaJilin Medical UniversityJilin

      ChinaJinan University School of MedicineGuangzhou

      ChinaJinggangshan University Medical SchoolJi'an

      ChinaJining Medical UniversityJining

      ChinaJinzhou Medical UniversityJinzhou

      ChinaJishou University School of MedicineJishou

      ChinaJiujiang University Medical CollegeJiujiang

      ChinaJixi Medical School for the Coal IndustryJixi

      ChinaKunming Medical UniversityKunming

    • Country NameMedical School NameCity Name

      ChinaLanzhou University Faculty of MedicineLanzhou

      ChinaLiaoning University of Traditional Chinese MedicineShenyang

      ChinaLuoyang School of MedicineLuoyang

      ChinaMedical College of Dalian UniversityDalian

      ChinaMedical College of Henan UniversityKaifeng

      ChinaMedical College of Henan University of Science and TechnologyLuoyang

      ChinaMedical College of Nanchang UniversityNanchang

      ChinaMedical College of Nanjing UniversityNanjing

      ChinaMedical College of Nankai UniversityTianjin

      ChinaMedical College of Wuhan University of Science and TechnologyWuhan

      ChinaMedical College of Yan'an UniversityYan'an

      ChinaMudanjiang Medical UniversityMudanjiang

      ChinaNanjing Medical UniversityNanjing

      ChinaNanjing University of Chinese MedicineNanjing

      ChinaNantong Medical CollegeNantong

      ChinaNantong University Medical SchoolNantong

      ChinaNavy School of MedicineNanjing

      ChinaNingbo University Medical SchoolNingbo

    • Country NameMedical School NameCity Name

      ChinaNingxia Medical UniversityYinchuan

      ChinaNorman Bethune College of Medicine, Jilin UniversityChangchun

      ChinaNorman Bethune University of Medical SciencesChangchun

      ChinaNorth China University of Science and Technology College of MedicineTangshan

      ChinaNorth Sichuan Medical CollegeNanchong

      ChinaNorthwest University for Nationalities College of MedicineLanzhou

      ChinaPanzhihua University School of Medical SciencePanzhihua

      ChinaPeking Union Medical UniversityBeijing

      ChinaPeking University Health Science CenterBeijing

      ChinaPutian University School of MedicinePutian

      ChinaQingdao University College of Medical ScienceQingdao

      ChinaQinghai University Medical CollegeXining

      ChinaQiqihar Medical UniversityQiqihar

      ChinaSanquan Medical CollegeXinxiang

      ChinaSchool of Life Sciences, Fudan UniversityShanghai

      ChinaSchool of Medicine, General Logistics DepartmentBeijing

      ChinaSchool of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Capital Medical UniversityBeijing

      ChinaSecond Military Medical UniversityShanghai

    • Country NameMedical School NameCity Name

      ChinaShaanxi University of Chinese MedicineXianyang

      ChinaShandong Medical CollegeLinyi

      ChinaShandong University Cheeloo College of MedicineJinan

      ChinaShandong University of Traditional Chinese MedicineJinan

      ChinaShanghai Jiao Tong University School of MedicineShanghai

      ChinaShanghai Medical College, Fudan UniversityShanghai

      ChinaShanghai Medical UniversityShanghai

      ChinaShanghai Railway Medical UniversityShanghai

      ChinaShanghai School of MedicineShanghai

      ChinaShanghai University of Traditional Chinese MedicineShanghai

      ChinaShantou University Medical CollegeShantou

      ChinaShanxi College of Traditional Chinese MedicineTaiyuan

      ChinaShanxi Datong University School of MedicineDatong

      ChinaShanxi Medical UniversityTaiyuan

      ChinaShaoxing University Medical SchoolShaoxing

      ChinaShenyang Medical CollegeShenyang

      ChinaShenzhen University College of MedicineShenzhen

      ChinaShihezi University School of MedicineShihezi

    • Country NameMedical School NameCity Name

      ChinaSoochow University Medical CollegeSuzhou

      ChinaSoutheast University Medical CollegeNanjing

      ChinaSouthern Medical UniversityGuangzhou

      ChinaSouthwest Medical UniversityLuzhou

      ChinaSuzhou Medical CollegeSuzhou

      ChinaTaishan Medical UniversityTai'an

      ChinaTaizhou University Medical SchoolTaizhou

      ChinaThree Gorges University College of Medical ScienceYichang

      ChinaTianjin Medical UniversityTianjin

      ChinaTianjin Second Medical CollegeTianjin

      ChinaTianjin University of Traditional Chinese MedicineTianjin

      ChinaTibet University Medical CollegeLhasa

      ChinaTongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science & TechnologyWuhan

      ChinaTongji University School of MedicineShanghai

      ChinaTsinghua University School of MedicineBeijing

      ChinaUniversity of South China Faculty of MedicineHengyang

      ChinaWannan Medical CollegeWuhu

      ChinaWeifang Medical UniversityWeifang

    • Country NameMedical School NameCity Name

      ChinaWenzhou Medical UniversityWenzhou

      ChinaWest China College of Medicine, Sichuan UniversityChengdu

      ChinaWest China University of Medical SciencesChengdu

      ChinaWuhan University School of MedicineWuhan

      ChinaXi'an Jiaotong University College of MedicineXi'an

      ChinaXi'an Medical UniversityXi'an

      ChinaXiamen University School of MedicineXiamen

      ChinaXiangnan University School of MedicineChenzhou

      ChinaXiangya School of Medicine, Central South UniversityChangsha

      ChinaXinjiang College of Traditional Chinese MedicineUrumqi

      ChinaXinjiang Medical UniversityUrumqi

      ChinaXinxiang Medical UniversityXinxiang

      ChinaXuzhou Medical UniversityXuzhou

      ChinaYanbian University Health Science CenterYanji

      ChinaYangtze University Medical SchoolJingzhou

      ChinaYangzhou University College of MedicineYangzhou

      ChinaYichun University School of MedicineYichun

      ChinaYishui Medical SchoolYishui

    • Country NameMedical School NameCity Name

      ChinaYunnan University of Traditional Chinese MedicineKunming

      ChinaYuzhou University School of MedicineChongqing

      ChinaZhang Zhongjing School of Traditional Chinese MedicineNanyang

      ChinaZhangjiakou Medical CollegeZhangjiakou

      ChinaZhejiang Chinese Medical UniversityHangzhou

      ChinaZhejiang Medical UniversityHangzhou

      ChinaZhejiang University School of MedicineHangzhou

      ChinaZhengzhou University Medical SchoolZhengzhou

      ChinaZhenjiang Medical CollegeZhenjiang

      ChinaZhongshan School of Medicine, Sun Yat-Sen UniversityGuangzhou

      ChinaZunyi Medical UniversityZunyi

      Hong KongS.A.R. China Chinese University of Hong Kong Faculty of MedicineShatin

      Hong KongS.A.R. China Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine, University of Hong KongPokfulam